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Division 7 2019/20

Trysports - Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

Match sheets to be sent to Sue Newman no later than Wednesday
P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Marlow Ladies 6s18142259164344
2- Wychwood Ladies 2s1893638261230
3- Oxford Ladies 8s188282835-726
4- Thame Ladies 4s186392337-1421
5- Wallingford Ladies 5s1853102235-1318
6- Wycombe Ladies 6s1843112647-2115

No future fixtures.

28 March 2020
Wallingford Ladies 5s(+)Wycombe Ladies 6s
Covid-19, original date 28/3/20
Wychwood Ladies 2s(+)Marlow Ladies 6s
Covid-19, original date 28/3/20
Oxford Ladies 8s(+)Thame Ladies 4s
Covid-19, original date 28/3/20
21 March 2020
Wycombe Ladies 6s(+)Oxford Ladies 8s
Covid-19, original date 21/3/20
Marlow Ladies 6s(+)Wallingford Ladies 5s
Covid-19, original date 21/3/20
Thame Ladies 4s(+)Wychwood Ladies 2s
Covid-19, original date 21/3/20
14 March 2020
Oxford Ladies 8s1-6Marlow Ladies 6s
Wycombe Ladies 6s0-3Thame Ladies 4s
Wallingford Ladies 5s2-5Wychwood Ladies 2s
07 March 2020
Marlow Ladies 6s3-0Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wychwood Ladies 2s3-1Oxford Ladies 8s
Wallingford Ladies 5s2-0Thame Ladies 4s
29 February 2020
Thame Ladies 4s1-2Marlow Ladies 6s
Wycombe Ladies 6s1-3Wychwood Ladies 2s
Wallingford Ladies 5s2-1Oxford Ladies 8s
22 February 2020
Oxford Ladies 8s2-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
Frozen pitch, original date 18/1/20
08 February 2020
Thame Ladies 4s4-1Oxford Ladies 8s
Marlow Ladies 6s1-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
Wycombe Ladies 6s1-2Wallingford Ladies 5s
01 February 2020
Wallingford Ladies 5s0-2Marlow Ladies 6s
Wychwood Ladies 2s1-0Thame Ladies 4s
Oxford Ladies 8s4-1Wycombe Ladies 6s
25 January 2020
Marlow Ladies 6s3-2Oxford Ladies 8s
Thame Ladies 4s1-5Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wychwood Ladies 2s0-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
18 January 2020
Thame Ladies 4s4-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
Wycombe Ladies 6s1-6Marlow Ladies 6s
11 January 2020
Marlow Ladies 6s2-3Thame Ladies 4s
Oxford Ladies 8s2-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
Wychwood Ladies 2s4-1Wycombe Ladies 6s
14 December 2019
Thame Ladies 4s1-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
Frozen pitch, original date 30/11/19
07 December 2019
Wallingford Ladies 5s1-2Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wychwood Ladies 2s0-4Marlow Ladies 6s
Oxford Ladies 8s0-1Thame Ladies 4s
30 November 2019
Marlow Ladies 6s4-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
Wycombe Ladies 6s0-2Oxford Ladies 8s
23 November 2019
Oxford Ladies 8s2-1Marlow Ladies 6s
Wycombe Ladies 6s7-0Thame Ladies 4s
Wallingford Ladies 5s3-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
16 November 2019
Wychwood Ladies 2s3-0Oxford Ladies 8s
Marlow Ladies 6s3-0Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wallingford Ladies 5s0-1Thame Ladies 4s
09 November 2019
Oxford Ladies 8s1-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
Thame Ladies 4s0-4Marlow Ladies 6s
Wycombe Ladies 6s2-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
19 October 2019
Marlow Ladies 6s1-1Wychwood Ladies 2s
Thame Ladies 4s0-1Oxford Ladies 8s
Wycombe Ladies 6s1-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
12 October 2019
Wychwood Ladies 2s4-0Thame Ladies 4s
Oxford Ladies 8s2-2Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wallingford Ladies 5s0-3Marlow Ladies 6s
05 October 2019
Wychwood Ladies 2s4-2Wallingford Ladies 5s
Thame Ladies 4s1-1Wycombe Ladies 6s
Marlow Ladies 6s3-0Oxford Ladies 8s
28 September 2019
Thame Ladies 4s1-1Wallingford Ladies 5s
Wycombe Ladies 6s1-7Marlow Ladies 6s
Oxford Ladies 8s4-2Wychwood Ladies 2s
21 September 2019
Wychwood Ladies 2s3-0Wycombe Ladies 6s
Wallingford Ladies 5s1-2Oxford Ladies 8s
Marlow Ladies 6s4-2Thame Ladies 4s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Sarah Maddern Marlow 18 0 0 18
Marian Allison Wycombe 9 0 4 13
Emma Kelleway Marlow 11 0 0 11
Natalie Carpenter Wychwood 6 0 1 7
Krishni Chavda Marlow 6 0 0 6
Felicity Hickman Wychwood 5 0 0 5
Jackie Kingham Marlow 4 0 0 4
Indigo Spensley Wychwood 3 0 1 4
Tiffany Tang Wychwood 3 0 0 3
Felicity Hickman Wychwood 3 0 0 3