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Division 4 2019/20

Trysports - Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

Match sheets to be sent to Sue Burrell no later than Wednesday
P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s76102051519
2 Witney Ladies 3s74121615113
3 Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's740324121212
4 Oxford Ladies 6s74031410412
5 Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's73221816211
6 Reading Rogues74031212010*
7 Milton Keynes Ladies 3s7403201468*
8 Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 172141623-77
9 Wycombe Ladies 4s72051421-76
10 Banbury Ladies 4s7124715-85
11 Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s72231118-74*
12 Slough Women's 3s7115617-114

* = points adjustments

09 November 2019
Witney Ladies 3s6-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Wycombe Ladies 4s4-3Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 1
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's0-3Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s5-2Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's7-3Slough Women's 3s
Oxford Ladies 6s4-2Reading Rogues
26 October 2019
Witney Ladies 3s1-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s
Slough Women's 3s0-4Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Reading Rogues3-2Wycombe Ladies 4s
Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 10-10Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-1Oxford Ladies 6s
Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s3-3Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
19 October 2019
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's10-1Witney Ladies 3s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s1-0Reading Rogues
Slough Women's 3s1-2Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's2-2Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 1
Wycombe Ladies 4s3-1Banbury Ladies 4s
Oxford Ladies 6s1-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s
12 October 2019
Witney Ladies 3s1-0Oxford Ladies 6s
Reading Rogues3-0Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s4-1Wycombe Ladies 4s
Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 10-2Slough Women's 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s3-0Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Rule 4, original score was 1-0
Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s2-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
05 October 2019
Slough Women's 3s0-1Reading Rogues
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's3-1Banbury Ladies 4s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's0-3Oxford Ladies 6s
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s1-4Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s
Wycombe Ladies 4s2-3Witney Ladies 3s
Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s0-3Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 1
Rule 4, original score 1-2
28 September 2019
Witney Ladies 3s3-0Milton Keynes Ladies 3s
Rule 4, original score was 4-2
Oxford Ladies 6s3-2Wycombe Ladies 4s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-0Slough Women's 3s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's1-3Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s
Reading Rogues3-0Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s
Rule 4, original score was 3-2
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's5-3Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 1
21 September 2019
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 5s3-0Slough Women's 3s
Harlow - High Wycombe Ladies 15-0Reading Rogues
Rule 7(v)
Milton Keynes Ladies 3s3-2Oxford Ladies 6s
Wychwood Badgers Ladies 1's2-1Witney Ladies 3s
Wycombe Ladies 4s0-4Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 3's
Scarlet Runners Ladies 1s2-2Banbury Ladies 4s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Tiff Foley Wychwood Badgers 7 0 0 7
Katie Wilson Phoenix and Ranelagh 5 0 0 5
Jane Jordan-Goodman Witney 5 0 0 5
Su Konganda Wycombe 4 0 1 5
Eve Henshaw Wychwood Badgers 4 0 0 4
Catriona Mccarron Phoenix and Ranelagh 3 0 0 3
Libby Dunster Amersham and Chalfont 3 0 0 3
Emma White Wycombe 3 0 0 3
Millie Chapman Phoenix and Ranelagh 2 0 0 2
Jo.C. Davies Amersham and Chalfont 2 0 0 2