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Division 3 2018/19

Trysports - Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

University of Reading have withdrawn from the league
P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- South Berkshire Ladies' 3s20190182127057
2- Maidenhead Ladies 420123555253039
3- Thame Ladies 2's2011274436835
4 Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s2011184337634
5 Abingdon Ladies 2s2010284145-432
6- Bicester Ladies 2s2083950381227
7 Kidlington Ladies 1s2082104742526
8 Marlow Ladies 52080122440-1624
9- Henley Ladies 3s2072114048-823
10- Aylesbury Ladies' 3s2044122559-3416
11- Banbury Ladies 4s2021171483-697

No future fixtures.

30 March 2019
Marlow Ladies 50-1Thame Ladies 2's
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s2-0Maidenhead Ladies 4
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s3-4Kidlington Ladies 1s
Bicester Ladies 2s5-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Henley Ladies 3s0-1South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
23 March 2019
Thame Ladies 2's2-0Abingdon Ladies 2s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s5-2Henley Ladies 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-5South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Kidlington Ladies 1s2-6Bicester Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 43-1Marlow Ladies 5
16 March 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s4-0Kidlington Ladies 1s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s1-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s0-4Thame Ladies 2's
Abingdon Ladies 2s1-0Marlow Ladies 5
Henley Ladies 3s1-4Maidenhead Ladies 4
09 March 2019
Thame Ladies 2's1-3Bicester Ladies 2s
Marlow Ladies 52-1Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s1-2Henley Ladies 3s
Kidlington Ladies 1s2-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Maidenhead Ladies 40-2Abingdon Ladies 2s
02 March 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s6-0Thame Ladies 2's
Henley Ladies 3s3-2Kidlington Ladies 1s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s2-1Abingdon Ladies 2s
Bicester Ladies 2s1-2Marlow Ladies 5
Banbury Ladies 4s0-7Maidenhead Ladies 4
24 February 2019
Thame Ladies 2's3-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Snow, original date 2/2/19
23 February 2019
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s0-4South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Snow, original date 2/2/19
Marlow Ladies 52-1Henley Ladies 3s
Snow, original date 2/2/19
Maidenhead Ladies 42-2Bicester Ladies 2s
Snow, original date 2/2/19
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s6-2Abingdon Ladies 2s
Snow, original date 2/2/19 (switch)
16 February 2019
Thame Ladies 2's6-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s2-0Marlow Ladies 5
Abingdon Ladies 2s3-4Bicester Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 47-0Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Kidlington Ladies 1s0-1Banbury Ladies 4s
09 February 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s7-2Abingdon Ladies 2s
Bicester Ladies 2s1-2Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s3-1Marlow Ladies 5
Henley Ladies 3s0-2Thame Ladies 2's
Kidlington Ladies 1s1-1Maidenhead Ladies 4
26 January 2019
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s4-0Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s4-0Bicester Ladies 2s
Banbury Ladies 4s2-4Marlow Ladies 5
Henley Ladies 3s2-3Abingdon Ladies 2s
Kidlington Ladies 1s2-4Thame Ladies 2's
19 January 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s4-1Maidenhead Ladies 4
Abingdon Ladies 2s4-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s1-1Henley Ladies 3s
Bicester Ladies 2s4-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Marlow Ladies 52-0Kidlington Ladies 1s
12 January 2019
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s1-2South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s4-1Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Henley Ladies 3s0-4Bicester Ladies 2s
Kidlington Ladies 1s2-3Abingdon Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 45-1Thame Ladies 2's
08 December 2018
Thame Ladies 2's3-0Marlow Ladies 5
Maidenhead Ladies 43-0Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s4-0Henley Ladies 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-5Bicester Ladies 2s
Kidlington Ladies 1s8-0Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
01 December 2018
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s12-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Abingdon Ladies 2s1-2Thame Ladies 2's
Marlow Ladies 52-1Maidenhead Ladies 4
Henley Ladies 3s3-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Bicester Ladies 2s1-2Kidlington Ladies 1s
24 November 2018
Marlow Ladies 52-3Abingdon Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 44-1Henley Ladies 3s
Thame Ladies 2's1-1Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-4Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Kidlington Ladies 1s2-3South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
17 November 2018
Abingdon Ladies 2s1-0Maidenhead Ladies 4
Henley Ladies 3s9-0Banbury Ladies 4s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s0-3Kidlington Ladies 1s
Bicester Ladies 2s3-2Thame Ladies 2's
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s3-2Marlow Ladies 5
10 November 2018
Thame Ladies 2's0-5South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Abingdon Ladies 2s1-1Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Maidenhead Ladies 43-1Banbury Ladies 4s
Marlow Ladies 51-0Bicester Ladies 2s
Kidlington Ladies 1s3-0Henley Ladies 3s
03 November 2018
Banbury Ladies 4s1-5Kidlington Ladies 1s
Marlow Ladies 50-4South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s2-3Thame Ladies 2's
Bicester Ladies 2s3-5Abingdon Ladies 2s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s1-3Maidenhead Ladies 4
20 October 2018
Maidenhead Ladies 43-1Kidlington Ladies 1s
Thame Ladies 2's3-3Henley Ladies 3s
Abingdon Ladies 2s0-4South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s1-1Bicester Ladies 2s
Marlow Ladies 51-2Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
13 October 2018
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s5-1Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Banbury Ladies 4s0-5Thame Ladies 2's
Abingdon Ladies 2s2-4Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Henley Ladies 3s4-0Marlow Ladies 5
Bicester Ladies 2s2-2Maidenhead Ladies 4
06 October 2018
Thame Ladies 2's1-2Kidlington Ladies 1s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s0-1Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Marlow Ladies 52-1Banbury Ladies 4s
Bicester Ladies 2s1-2South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Abingdon Ladies 2s2-1Henley Ladies 3s
29 September 2018
Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s2-1Bicester Ladies 2s
Banbury Ladies 4s1-1Abingdon Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 44-2South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Henley Ladies 3s3-2Aylesbury Ladies' 3s
Kidlington Ladies 1s4-0Marlow Ladies 5
22 September 2018
Thame Ladies 2's0-2Maidenhead Ladies 4
Abingdon Ladies 2s4-2Kidlington Ladies 1s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s2-0Amersham and Chalfont Ladies 4s
Bicester Ladies 2s3-4Henley Ladies 3s
Aylesbury Ladies' 3s5-2Banbury Ladies 4s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Holly Bentley South Berkshire 45 0 0 45
Sandra Satterly Aylesbury 14 1 2 17
Emily Whybrow South Berkshire 14 0 1 15
Sally Hambidge Abingdon 11 2 2 15
Catherine Hawkes Bicester 11 0 0 11
Mhairi Gooch Amersham and Chalfont 10 0 0 10
Annie Cook Abingdon 10 0 0 10
Laura Swanston Kidlington Ladies 9 0 0 9
Alex Vizard Bicester 7 0 2 9
Caroline Apsey South Berkshire 8 0 0 8