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Division 2 2019/20

Trysports - Three Counties League

Trysports - Three Counties League

Match sheets to be sent to Sue Yates no later than Wednesday
P W D L F A +/- Pts
1- Sonning Ladies 3s14110335102533
2- Bicester Ladies 1s12102044133132
3- Wychwood Ladies 1s146442621522
4 Wallingford Ladies 3's136252222020
5 Maidenhead Ladies 4136252121020
6 Oxford Ladies 5s145452626019
7 Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s146083332118
8 South Berkshire Ladies' 3s145361922-318
9 Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s145272138-1717
10- Wycombe Ladies 3s145182126-516
11 Banbury Ladies 3s132291934-158
12 Reading Rebels132291840-226*

* = points adjustments

25 January 2020
Oxford Ladies 5s2-0South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Wycombe Ladies 3s3-0Reading Rebels
Banbury Ladies 3s3-1Wychwood Ladies 1s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s0-5Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Sonning Ladies 3s5-1Maidenhead Ladies 4
Bicester Ladies 1s4-1Wallingford Ladies 3's
18 January 2020
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s3-1Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s1-2Sonning Ladies 3s
Reading Rebels2-4Oxford Ladies 5s
Wychwood Ladies 1s4-0Wycombe Ladies 3s
11 January 2020
Sonning Ladies 3s2-1South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Wallingford Ladies 3's2-1Maidenhead Ladies 4
Oxford Ladies 5s2-2Wychwood Ladies 1s
Wycombe Ladies 3s5-1Banbury Ladies 3s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s3-0Reading Rebels
Bicester Ladies 1s6-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
14 December 2019
Wychwood Ladies 1s0-2Sonning Ladies 3s
Frozen pitch, original date 30/11/19
Banbury Ladies 3s1-3Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Frozen pitch, original date 30/11/19
07 December 2019
Oxford Ladies 5s2-2Banbury Ladies 3s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s5-2Wychwood Ladies 1s
Sonning Ladies 3s5-0Reading Rebels
Wallingford Ladies 3's2-1Wycombe Ladies 3s
Maidenhead Ladies 42-0Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Bicester Ladies 1s1-1South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
30 November 2019
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s3-0Wallingford Ladies 3's
Wycombe Ladies 3s1-2Oxford Ladies 5s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s1-2Maidenhead Ladies 4
23 November 2019
Sonning Ladies 3s4-0Banbury Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s3-1South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Maidenhead Ladies 44-1Reading Rebels
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s1-0Wycombe Ladies 3s
Wallingford Ladies 3's0-0Oxford Ladies 5s
Bicester Ladies 1s3-3Wychwood Ladies 1s
16 November 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s2-3Wallingford Ladies 3's
Oxford Ladies 5s5-0Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Banbury Ladies 3s2-4Bicester Ladies 1s
Wycombe Ladies 3s0-1Sonning Ladies 3s
Wychwood Ladies 1s0-0Maidenhead Ladies 4
Reading Rebels3-2Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
09 November 2019
Sonning Ladies 3s2-0Oxford Ladies 5s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s1-0Reading Rebels
Maidenhead Ladies 41-1Banbury Ladies 3s
Wallingford Ladies 3's1-1Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s1-4Wychwood Ladies 1s
Bicester Ladies 1s6-2Wycombe Ladies 3s
26 October 2019
Reading Rebels2-3Wallingford Ladies 3's
Banbury Ladies 3s1-2Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s0-2Sonning Ladies 3s
Wychwood Ladies 1s0-0South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Oxford Ladies 5s1-5Bicester Ladies 1s
Wycombe Ladies 3s2-0Maidenhead Ladies 4
19 October 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s3-2Banbury Ladies 3s
Reading Rebels1-4Wychwood Ladies 1s
Maidenhead Ladies 43-1Oxford Ladies 5s
Wallingford Ladies 3's2-1Sonning Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s4-1Wycombe Ladies 3s
Bicester Ladies 1s4-0Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
12 October 2019
Oxford Ladies 5s3-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Sonning Ladies 3s1-2Bicester Ladies 1s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s1-4Maidenhead Ladies 4
Wycombe Ladies 3s2-2South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Banbury Ladies 3s5-0Reading Rebels
Rule 7(v)
Wychwood Ladies 1s2-1Wallingford Ladies 3's
05 October 2019
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s2-0Oxford Ladies 5s
Reading Rebels3-0Wycombe Ladies 3s
Maidenhead Ladies 40-2Sonning Ladies 3s
Wallingford Ladies 3's0-1Bicester Ladies 1s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s8-0Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Wychwood Ladies 1s1-0Banbury Ladies 3s
28 September 2019
Sonning Ladies 3s5-1Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s
Maidenhead Ladies 40-4Bicester Ladies 1s
Wycombe Ladies 3s2-0Wychwood Ladies 1s
Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s3-0South Berkshire Ladies' 3s
Oxford Ladies 5s3-3Reading Rebels
Wallingford Ladies 3's6-1Banbury Ladies 3s
21 September 2019
Banbury Ladies 3s0-2Wycombe Ladies 3s
South Berkshire Ladies' 3s2-1Sonning Ladies 3s
Phoenix and Ranelagh Ladies 2s1-4Bicester Ladies 1s
Wychwood Ladies 1s3-1Oxford Ladies 5s
Maidenhead Ladies 43-1Wallingford Ladies 3's
Reading Rebels3-3Newbury and Thatcham Ladies 3s
Name Club Open Stroke PC Total
Lisa Elliott Bicester 10 0 2 12
Kerri Lancaster Bicester 6 0 5 11
Catherine Forteath Wychwood 7 1 1 9
Sofia Reina Phoenix and Ranelagh 6 0 1 7
Jennie Baxendale Bicester 5 0 0 5
Maddie Scott South Berkshire 5 0 0 5
Catherine Moore Wychwood 4 0 1 5
Naomi Ashcroft Phoenix and Ranelagh 3 0 2 5
Beth Tait-Alexander Phoenix and Ranelagh 4 0 0 4
Frieda Kramer Oxford 4 0 0 4